Good Works Done 2014

Iritty Police Station - Death of Lisamma w/o Kuttiachan @ James aged 50 Yrs

On 07/08/2014 at about 08.30 Hrs, one Lissamma W/o Kuttiachan @ James aged 50 Yrs. was found killed with deep neck injury in her dwelling house at Kacherikadavu within the limits of Iritty PS. Primarily there was no sign of evidence about the accused behind the murder. During the course of investigation, police raised suspicion on the behaviour of Kuttiachan, husband of deceased, he was taken into custody and questioned. During the interrogation he had confessed the commission of offence and he was arrested on 09/08/2014. The tactics of police team led by Sri. P. Sukumaran, Dy Supdt. Of Police, Iritty trapped the accused behind the heinous crime.

Alakode Police Station [ Cr. No. 523/14 u/s 394, 450 IPC ]- Robbery Case

On 14/07/2014 a robbery case was reported from Thimiri amsom, Kallangode within the limits of Alakode PS [ Cr. No. 523/14 u/s 394, 450 IPC ] wherein an old aged woman Brijith, W/o Devassya Panniyanikkal, 70/14, Thimiri Amsom , who was residing alone in the house was duly tied her hand and mouth and the culprits have stolen away about 30 sovereign of gold and cash for Rs. 60,000/- total worth Rs. 7 lakhs from the house. Primarily the police had no clue about the accused behind the offence

The police team led by Sri. P.K. Sudhakaran, CI of Police, Alakode commenced the investigation and arrested all the accused, viz.. A1) Sandeep. A J, S/o Joy, Alakanal, Josgiri, Alakode (A2) Sajan. P J, S/o James, Puthiyamburam, Peringome, Machiyil, (A3) Sabhapathi, S/o Venu, Kattandikuppam, Merk Theruv, Bandootty Taluk, Tamilnadu (A4) S. Selvam, S/o Seva Kounter, Menoommood, Salem, Tamilnadu and (A5) Sidhuraj, S/o Palani, 27/14, Mattiyampetty, Ellampillai, Salem, Tamilnadu within the span of a fortnight. The investigation team have shown their tactics and talent in proving this case and effecting the seizure of property worth Rs. 7 lakhs, though there was no sign of evidence. It is appreciable to note that the investigation team trapped the accused by focusing on a clue of the presence of a Hyundai Car on the occurrence day night. There after police continued investigation and it was revealed that A2 Sajan is the owner of the car. Investigation concentrating on A2 Sajan, who had wide contact in Tamilnadu actually led to the arrest of A3, A4 and A5 from Salem.

Ulikkal Police Station Cr. 490/11 u/s 376(2)(a), 342, 323, 366(a) r/w 34 IPC- Rape case

On 30/06/2014, The Hon’ble District Sessions Court, Thalassery delivered a judgement in Ulikkal PS Cr. 490/11 u/s 376(2)(a), 342, 323, 366(a) r/w 34 IPC wherein the accused persons involved in a sensational gang rape of a girl hailing from West Bengal were convicted for life imprisonment. The full proof investigation done by CI of Police, Iritty and team actually led for awarding deserving punishment to the accused.