Kuthuparamba Circle

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The Circle was formed on 06.05.1964 as per GO(MS) No. 234/Home dated 21.05.1964 communicated as per letter N0. C1/23484/64 dated 06.05.1964 of Inspector General of Police with Head Quarter at Panoor. On 30.06.1971 Head Quarter was shifted to Kuthuparamba from Panoor. Kuthuparamba, Panoor, Kolavallur, Mattannur were brought under Kuthuparamba Circle. As per GO(Rt) 2164/86 dated 01.08.1986 the Circle was reorganized with the formation of Peravoor Circle with Peravoor, Kelakam and Aralam. Mattannur PS was taken from Kuthuparamba and oncluded in Iritty Circle. Maloor Police Station was formed carving areas taken from Kuthuparamba and Peravoor. As GO (Rt). No. 2525/87 Home dated 24.07.1987, Maloor PS was attached to Peravoor Circle. Aralam was gioven to Iritty Circle from Peravoor Circle and Mattannur was again detached from Iritty Circle and given to Kuthuparamba Circle. As per GO (MS) No. 27/94 dated 24.02.1994 a new Police Circle office at Panoor was formed including Panoor, Chokly and Dharmadam PS, subsequently as per GO (MS) 15/95 dated 27.01.1995 Dharmadam Police Station detached from Panoor Circle and given to Thalassery Circle. As per GO 9MS) No. 15/95 Home(E) Dept. dated 27.01.1995 Mattannur Circle was fomed including Mattannur Police Station and Irikkur Police Station. As per GO(P) 27/2000, three out posts named Ayithara, Thokkilangadi and Central Poyiloor were started from 04.02.2000. As per GO(Rt) No. 3834/2001 dated 15.11.2001 Kadirur and Kannavam Police Stations were formed carving areas of Panoor, Dharmadam and Kuthuparamba Police Station taking strength from Thokkilangadi, Ayithara, Kadiroor and Pathayakkunnu Out Posts. Later these OPs wereclosed. Kolavalloor Police Station attached to Panoor Circle as per W/M No. G2(a) 38939/01 with effect from 27.01.2002. Kadirur and Kannavam Police stations were inaugurated on 27.01.02.

At present there are three Police Stations within the Circle. They are Kuthuparamba, Kadirur and Kannavam . Proposal for a new Police Station at Mambaram by curving the areas of Kuthuparamba, Kadirur, Dharmadam and Chakkarakkal Police Stations is in progress.