Payyannur Circle


This Circle was formed on 31.12.1969 as per GO (MS) No. 231/Home dated 15.07.1969. Payyanur, Payangadi, Peringome and Chandera Police Stations were under the newly formed circle within Kasaragod Sub Division.

Since the formation of a new District at Kasaragod, this circle was attached to Cannanore District under SDPO Cannanore and the circle was re-organized consists of three Police Stations that is Payyanur, Payangadi and Peringome and an outpost at Pulingome.

After the formation of a new Sub Division at Thaliparamba as per GO (RT) No. 2164/86/Home dated 01.08.1996, this circle was attached with newly sanctioned Thaliparamba Sub Division.

Consequent to the formation of a new circle at Alakode and certain changes in the circles, Payangadi Police Station which were under this circle are attached to Thaliparamba circle as per Do No. 155/95 dated 14.02.1995 and Payangadi Police Station is shifted to Thaliparamba Circle with effect from 01.03.1995.

Now Payyanur and Peringome Police Stations are within the Payyanur Circle. Pulingome out post was closed on 30.11.2005 vide No 02(a) 40655/05 C dated 26.11.2005 of Superintendent of Police, Kannur.

As per vide order G.O. (Rt.) No. 1572/2012/Home Dtd. 26.05.12, the area of Jurisdiction of Payyanur Police Station was redefined and Panappuzha village which was the part of Payyanur Police station jurisdiction, excluded and the same was added to the jurisdiction of Pariyaram Police Station

A new police station was opened at Cherupuzha on 22.02.16 as per Govt. order GO (Rt) No. 633/2016/ Home consisting of Vayakkara, Thirumeni and Pulingome Villages.

At present the Circle consists of 3 Police Stations, Payyanur, Peringome and Cherupuha Police Stations.