Peravoor Circle

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The Peravoor Circle was formed as per GO (Rt) No. 2164/86/Home dated 01/08/1986 and opened in a rented building on 29/09/1986 by detaching Peravoor. Kelakam and Aralam Police stations from Iritty Circle. When the new Maloor Police station was formed taking out the areas from Peravoor. Kuthuparamba etc vide GO (Rt) No/2525/87 Home dated 24/07/87. It was attached to Peravoor Circle. Accordingly Aralam Police station was detached from Peravoor Circle and given to Iritty Circle. The office functioned at the old police station building at Peravoor from 13/11/1992 and shifted at present building with effect from 27/12/2005. The office was shifted in the present Government building on 27/10/2005.

The Circle has an area of 296.98sq. kms with population of 105639 as per 2001 census. The Peravoor police station has two panchayath namely, Peravoor and Kolayad which consists o 4 villages namely: Manathana, Vellarvally, Vekkalam and Kolayad. Kelakam police station has 3 Panchayath namely : Kanichar, Kelakam and Kottiyoor and Maloor police staion has one panchayath namely Maloor panchayath and 3 villages namely Tholambra. Sivapuram and a part of Vellarvally Village.