Thalassery Circle

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The Circle was originally formed on 15.05.1926 as Kottayam Circle and later shifted to Thalassery. The first Circle Inspector of Police was Sri. K.P.S. Panicker. Originally the Circle has jurisdiction over the Police Station limits of Thalassery, Kuthuparamba, Panoor, Vatakara, Nadapuram, Kuttiyadi and Kannavam O.P. At the time of formation of Kerala State, the Police stations viz Nadapuram, Vatakara and Kuttiyadi, which are presently falling within Kozhikode District, were detached and rest of the Police Stations, were kept as such. Later, in 1964, while Kuthuparamba Circle was formed as per GO MS NO. 234/Home dated. 21.05.1964, Kuthuparamba, Panoor Stations and Kannavam OP were detached from Thalassery Circle and given to Kuthuparamba Circle with its Head Quarters at Kuthuparamba. Thalassery Circle was once again reorganized on 01.03.1995 as per GO MS 15/95 Home dated 17.01.1995 (DO No.155/95 C) when, Chokli Police Station was detached from Thalassery Circle to incorporate under Panoor Circle. Presently Thalassery Circle consists of Thalassery, Dharmadam and New Mahe Police Stations and Thalassery Traffic Unit. The Traffic unit was opened on 15.08.2002 and New Mahe Police Station was opened at Achukulangara as per G.O (Rt) 1927/2010 Home dated.04.06.2010 and started functioning with effect from 31.08.2010.