Valapattanam Circle

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Baliapattam , otherwise called Valapattanam ( in ancient Valarpattanam) is situated five miles from Kannur town on the south bank of the Valapattanam river and is one of the most important industrial centers of the District.Baliapattam may also be identified with Valabhapattanam where according to the Mooshakavamsa king Valabha II of the Mooshaka dynasty built a fort in the 11th centuary .A.D.

As per G.O(MS) 27/94 Valapattanam Circle was formed and started from 15.06.1994 bifocating from Kannur Town Circle consists Valapattanam Police Station and Kannapuram Police Station limits.

The first Circle Inspector Sri.K.Abdul Gafoor held charge from 15.006-1994 TO 19.,03.1996.

As per G.O.Rt No. 2313/88/Home ,Trivandrum .Dtd 05.05.1985 building No. VI-158(A) OF Valapattanam panchayath in Kannur District has been declared as Valapattanam circle office with Jurisdictions are the following areas in Kannur and Taliparamba Taluk.

Villages: Valapattananm, Pappinissery,Chirakkal, Azheekode South, Azheekode North ,Narath,Kannadiparamba ,Kolchary ,Cheleri ,Kayaralam, Mayyil, Kuttiyattur ,Malapattam,Kannapuram, Cherukunnu ,Kalliassery