District Police, Kannur

Jurisdictional Map of Kannur District Police

Kannur Police,like other District police forces in Kerala,is headed by an officer of the rank of Superintendent of Police (District Police Chief ). The District Police has 4 Sub Divisions, Viz. Kannur, Iritty, Taliparamba and Thalassery each headed by a Deputy Superintendent of Police. There are 13 Police Circles, Viz. Kannur Town, Kannur City, Valapattanam, Iritty, Mattannur, Peravoor, Taliparamba, Alakode, Sreekandapuram, Payyannur, Thalassery, Panoor and Kuthuparamba headed by a Circle Inspector and 38 Police Stations. In addition to this, various special units like Special Branch, DCRB, Narcotic Cell and Crime Dettachment headed by a Deputy Superintendent of Police are also functioning under the Superintendent of Police. A Vanitha Cell under a WCI is also functioning under the Supervision of Deputy Superintendent of Police, Crime Detachment. The District Armed Reserve Camp headed by a Deputy Commandant is functioning with its headquarters near District Police Office

Sanctioned Strength of Kannur Police

Executive Wing

Rank Strength
District Police Chief1
Dy Commissioner of Police9
Circle Inspector14
Women Inspector1
Sub Inspector of Police (Local)82
Asst. Sub Inspector of Police (Local)67
Head Constable (Local)342
Woman Head Constable7
Police Constable (Local)1058
Women Police Constable275
Sweeper P T35

Armed Reserve Unit

Rank Strength
Deputy Commandant1
Asst. Commandant2
Reserve Inspector3
Reserve Sub Inspector8
Asst. Reserve Sub Inspector16
Senior CPO63
Civil Police Officer/GHC531
Driver SI1
Driver HC/PC157
Armour SI1
Armour ASI1
Armour HC2
Armour PC1
Carpenter PC1
Mechanical Fitter3

Organisation Structure of District Police, Kannur

  • District Police Office, Kannur
    • Kannur Sub Division
      • Kannur Town Circle
        • Kannur Town PS
        • Kannur Traffic PS
      • Kannur Circle
        • Kannur City PS
        • Edakkad PS
        • Chakkarakkal PS
      • Valapattanam Circle
        • Valapattanam PS
        • Kannapuram PS
        • Mayyil PS
    • Thaliparamba Sub Division
      • Thaliparamba Circle
        • Thaliparamba PS
        • Payangadi PS
        • Pariyaram PS
      • Alakode Circle
        • Alakode PS
        • Kudiyanmala PS
      • Sreekandapuram Circle
        • Sreekandapuram PS
        • Payyavoor PS
      • Payyannur Circle
        • Payyannur PS
        • Peringome PS
    • Iritty Sub Division
      • Iritty Circle
        • Iritty PS
        • Ulikkal PS
        • Aralam PS
        • Karikkottakkari PS
      • Mattannur Circle
        • Mattannur PS
        • Irikkur PS
      • Peravoor Circle
        • Maloor PS
        • Kelakam PS
        • Peravoor PS
    • Thalasseri Sub Division
      • Thalasseri Circle
        • Thalasseri PS
        • Dharmadam PS
        • New Mahe PS
      • Panoor Circle
        • Panoor PS
        • Chockly PS
        • Kolavallur PS
      • Kuthuparamba Circle
        • Kuthuparamba PS
        • Kannavam PS
        • Kathirur PS
    • District Head Quarters
    • District Special Branch
      • Passport Cell,
    • District Crime Branch
      • Women Cell,
      • Cyber Cell,
    • District Crime Records Bureau
    • Narcotic Cell
    • District Armed Reserve