Alakkode Police Station

0460 - 2255252

Jurisdiction Boundary of Alakkode Police

Alakkode Police station was opened on 01.03.1963 vide GO (RT) 446 Home dated 23.02.63 and started function on a rented building at Alakode .

The function of station was shifted to Govt. building at Arangam with effect from 03.08.1970 vide IGP notification 46679/70 dated 01.07.1970. The function of the station was again shifted to present building on 14.01.2005 adjacent to the old building.

Alakkode is mostly exports hill products: rubber,dry copra, pepper, arecanut, etc. to industries in the northern part of India. It is a place where a huge number of people during the 1940s and 1950s from the Travancore area.

Jurisdiction Details

The Jurisdictional area of Alakkode PS comprising the Revenue villages of Alakkode, Thimiri, Vellad, Naduvil and Udayagiri. The Pachayaths are Alakkode, Naduvil and Udayagiri (Karnataka border at Vayikamba)

Government Institutions

1. Sub Register office Alakode 2. Alakode Gramapanchayth office Alakode 3. PHC Therthally 4. Village Office Vellad at Karuvanchal 5. Village office Thimri at Eruvatty 6. Alakode Sub- Treasuary at Alakode 7. 11 KV KSEB Sub station – Alakode 8. KSEB Office Alakode 9. KSEB office Karthikapuram in Udyagiri Panchayath 10. Udyagiri Grama Panchayath Office at Karthikapuram 11. PHC At Udayagiri 12. Village office Udyagiri at Karthikapuram

Educational Institutions

1. Govt . HSS Sreepuram Manakkadavu 2.Govt, HSS Karthikapuram 3.Govt. UPS Parappa 4. Govt. HSS Rayarome 5. Govt. HSS Thadikkadvu 6. Govt. School Kaniyanchal 7. Mary Matha Collage Alakode 8. Our Collage Thimiri 9. Merigiri HSS – Therthally 10. St. Joseh HSS- Vayattuparamba 11. St. Marrys HSS ( CBSE) Alakode 12.Prathyasa UPS Udaygiri 13 NSS HSS Alakode

Banks and Financial institutions

1. State Bank of Indian- Alakode 2. Syndicate Bank- Alakode 3. Federal Bank- Alakode 4. Service Co-op Bank – Alakode, Therthally, Karthikapuram, Rayarome, Udyagiri, 5. Dist. Co-op Bank- Karuvanchal 6. Agricultural Bank- Alakode 7. State Bank of Travancore- Karuvanchal 8. Kerala Gramin Bank-Karuvancha 9. Kerala Gramin Bank- Mankkadavu 10. Kerala Gramin Bank- Udayagiri 11. Urban Co- op Bank- Alakode

Important temples Mosques and Churches


Arangam Mahadeva Kshethram, Thimiri Siva Temple, Kozhithavalam,


Karuvanchal, Ryarome, Neduvode


Alakode, Karuvanchal, Udayagiri, Cheekad, and Vayattuparamba

Important Festivals

. Arangam Mahadeva Kshethram, Church- Alakode

Rivers and Main Cultivation

Karthikapuram- Rayarome- Eruvatty- Reach at Kuppamin Thaliparamba Limit

Main Projects through the Police Station


Alakode Police Station is a Janamaithry Police Staion Conductin 4 beat in Tribal Area

Student Police Cadet

SPC functioning at Vayattuparamba St. Joseph School