Aralam Police Station

0490- 2454540

Jurisdiction Boundary of Aralam Police

This police station came in to force on 05.02.1984 in a rented building at Keezhpally town vide GO (Rt) No 314/84/Home (E)and shifted to the new Gov: building on 22.12.1989. The jurisdiction of this police station covers an area of 128.78 Sq. meters comprising the whole of Aralam village. Aralam Farm and Aralam wild life sanctuary are situated within the limits of this station Aralam wild life sanctuary is a tourist center attracting many tourists every year. Among the jurisdiction of this station, Aralam Farm is a settled area of SC/ST, with settlers from different parts of Kannur, Kasaragod and Wyanand districts.

Jurisdiction Details

The jurisdiction of this station is extended in an area of 128.78 Sq Kilometers comprising the whole of Aralam Village.

Border Police Stations

North- Karikkottakari PS and Karnataka Forest
South- Iritty PS and Peravoor PS
East- Karnataka Forest and Kelakam PS
West- Iritty PS

Government Institutions

1.AFC (Kerala), Aralam Farm 2. PHC, Athikkal 3. BSNL-Telephone exchange, Velimanam 4.Govt. Ayurveda dispensary, Keezhpally. 5. Govt. Ayurveda dispensary, Aralam 6. Post Office, Aralam 7. Post Office, Keezhpally 8. Aralam Village Office, Edoor, 9. Aralam Panchayath Office, Edoor. 10. Govt. Homeo Hospital, Veerpad.

Educational Institutions

1. Govt.HS, Aralam 2. Govt.HSS, Aralam 3. Aysha LP School, Chedikkulam 4.Alphonsa English medium school, Keezhpally 5. Nirmala LP School, Adichuvari 6. Govt.LP School, Edaveli 7. St.Mary’s LP School, Edoor 8. Suhara UP School, Vellerivayal 9. St.Thomas English Medium School, Edoor. 10. St.Sebastians UPS, Veerpad 11. St.Sebastians HSS, Velimanam 12. St. Sebastians HS, Velimanam 13. St. Sebastians UPS, Velimanam 14. St.Mary’s HS, Edoor 15. St.Mary’s HSS, Edoor

Banks and Financial Institutions

1. Aralam Co-op Bank, Keezhpally 2. Payam Co-op Bank, Keezhpally 3. Gramin Bank, Keezhpally 4. Co-op Bank, Chedikkulam 5. Co-op Bank, Aralam, 6. Iritty Co-op rural Bank, Edoor 7. Indian Overseas Bank, Edoor

Important Temples Mosques And Churches

1. Vadakkekkara Temple, Palarinhal 2. Mahavishnu Temple, Eachillam 3. Sri.Subrahmanya Temple, Kanakari 4. Sri.Subrhmanya Temple, Veerpad 5. Sri. Vishnu Temple, Keecherry. 6. St.Mary’s Ferona Church, Edoor 7. St.Sebastians Church, Velimanam 8. St.Marys Church, Mangod 9. St.Sebastians Church, Chedikkulam 10. St.George Yakobite Church, Kallara 11. Malankara Orthodox church, Nudumunda. 12. Loordhmatha Church, Vellerivayal 13. Juma Masjid, Keezhpally 14. Aralam Jamayath Pally 15. Badariya Masjid, Chedikkulam 16. Juma Masjid, Puthiyangadi

Important Tourist Place

Aralam wild life sanctuary

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is the northernmost wildlife sanctuary of Kerala, southwest India. It is 55 km2 (21 sq mi) in area and located on the western slope of the Western Ghats. It was established in 1984. The headquarters of the sanctuary is near Iritty. Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the southeast part of Kannur District. It lies between 11° 54′ and 11° 59′ north latitude and 75° 47′ and 75° 57′ east longitude.

The sanctuary area falls in Aralam, Kelakam and Kottiyoor revenue villages and is located in the northwest slopes of Western Ghats contiguous with the forests of Coorg (Kodagu) district of Karnataka state. The PA (protected area) consists of Aralam Range, the only range of Aralam wildlife division, which is part of Northern Wildlife Circle (Northern Region) Palakkad. The extent of the sanctuary is 55 square kilometres (21 sq mi). The sanctuary was constituted in 1984 as per GO (P) 300/84/AD dated 15 October 1984

It was formed by carving out areas from the Odanthode Malavaram of Thalassery special division which was an erstwhile private forest, subsequently taken over by Govt. as per the provisions of the Kerala Private Forests (vesting and assignment) Act 1971 and from the Kottiyoor RF of Wayanad Forest Division.

Main Projects through Aralam PS

Aralam Police Station is Janamaithri Police Station since 29.01.2013

Student Police Cadet unit started at Aralam Farm School as per No.71/SPC SECT/PHQ Dated 22.12.14.