Chockly Police Station


Jurisdiction Boundary of Chockly Police

The Station was opened on 01.11.1955 as per GO [MS] 2737 / Home dated 05.10.55. The station was included in Thalassery Circle vide GO [Rt] No. 1832 / Home dated 03.01.69. The station was functioning in building No. 384, ward No.II of Chokli Panchayath till 25.03.1988 and started functioning in building No. VII / 377 on 26.03.1988 as per GO [Rt] No. 402 / 88 / Home dated 29.01.1988 [SRO175/88] notified in the extraordinary Gazette vol. XXXVII dated 01.02.1988 [ Newly Constructed Govt. Building ] Sri. K.V. Rajagopalan Nair IPS , Inspector General of Police [Head Quarters] inaugurated the Police Station Building on 26.03.1988

At present the station building No. is IV/435 of Chokli Grama panchayath. Circles were re-organized as per GO[MS] No.27/94/Home dated 24.02.94. DGO No. 414/94 and DO No. 297/94 C.

This Police Station is included in Panoor Circle. The Panoor Circle Office was opened on 06.06.1994 at 19 hrs.

Jurisdiction Details

The jurisdiction of Chokli Police station is comprised of 3 panchayaths ie. Chokly,Kariyad, Peringalam and 3 Villages ie. Peringathur,Chokly,Peringalam

Border Police Stations

The border Police stations of Chockly PS are North – Panoor PS limit, North East – Kolavalloor PS limit, East -Nadapuram PS limit, South East – Edacherry PS limit, West – Palloor PS limits.

Government Institutions

1)Post office and Telegraph Office, chokly 2)Telephone Exchange, Peringathur 3)Sub Post Office- Peringathur,Olavilam,Chokly,Kariyad,Pollookkara,Kidanhi 4)Sub Reg. Office, Chokly 5)Panchayath Office- Chokly,Kariyad, Peringalam 6)Village Office- Peringathur,Chokly,Peringalam 7)Rural Gov. Dispensary- Mekkunnu, Olavilam 8)Gov. Ayurveda Dispensary- Mekkunnu, Chokly 9)Gov. Homeo Dispensary- Chokly 10)KSEB Office, Chokly

Schools and Colleges


Thalassery Govt. College, Olavilam


1)Govt. Pudussery mapila LP School, Kariyad 2)Govt.Kariyad Mapila UP School, kariyad 3)Kollummal Basic LP School, Olavilam 4)Kariyad Nambiars High School, Kariyad 5)VP Oriental High School, Chokly 6)Ramavilasam higher Secondary School, Chokly 7)Olavilam Ramakrishna High School, Olavilam 8)NAM Higher Secondary School, Peringathur

Banks and Financial institutions

1)SBT,Peringathur 2)Syndicate Bank, Chokly 3)Gramin bank, Chokly 4) Dist Co op . Bank, peringathur

Rivers and Main Cultivation


Main Projects through the Police Station

Janamythri – Newly introduced

Student Police Cadet. NAM Higher Secondary School at Peringathur