Dharmadam Police Station

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Jurisdiction Boundary of Dharmadam Police

Dharmadam Police Station was opened on 15.08.1962 vide GO MS 400 dated 27.07.1962. It was a rented building which was situated in Dharmadam , Then the station building shifted to building No 591 in Survay No 23 , ward No XI and block No I of Thalassery muncipality- Ground floor of Asst. Superintendent of Police Thalassery with effect from 09.07.1992. Now the Station in is a Govt. building at Dharmadm Panchayath Ward No XIV – I since 30.09.2006

The Station is a part of Thalassery Circle having a area of 11.42 Sq Kms consisting of 4 villages viz 1) Dharmadam 2) A Part of Pinarayi, 3) A part of Erancholi, 4) A Part of Thalassery Muncipality

Station limit is divided in to 4 beats . Viz Dharmadam, Pinarayi, Erancholi and Thalassery . There is a total population of 87,942 as per 2001 Census.

Jurisdiction Details

The Jurisdictional area of Dharmadam Police Station comprising 4 villages 1) Dharmadam, 2) A part of Pinarayi, 3) A part of Erencholi 4)A part of Thalassery.

Government Institutions

Village Extension Office,Pinarayi,Village office Dharmadam,Village office Pinarayi,Telephone Exchange, Dharmadam,Dharmadam Electricity Substation Pinarayi KSEB SuB Station 33 KV, KSEB Office Dharmadam, Dharmadam Post Office, Pinaryi Post Office, Nittur Post Office, Palayad Post Office, Ayurveda Hospital Dharmadam, Pinarayi CHC, NCC Office Dharmadam, ESI Hospital Dharmadam, Excise Range Office Pinarayi, Parapram Post Office, Nittur Post Office, Vadakkumbad Post Office, Krishi Bhavan, Pinarayi, Krishi Bhavan Dharmadam, Fisheries Office Dharmadam.

Educational Institutions

Govt.Brennen College, Co.op Nursing College, Co.op training College Mannayad, NTTF- Nittur, Kannur Univesrsity Campus Palayad, Palayad HSS Palayad, AKG Memorial HSS Pinarayi, Vadakkumbad HSS Vadakkumbad, Coronation Basic LP School Dharmadam, Dharmadam Basic UPS Dharmadam, RC Amala UPS Pinarayi, Sree Narayana Basic UPS Vadakkumbad, Meloor Junior Basic School, Thayyil Junior Basic School, Andallur Junior Basic School, Meloor North Junior Basic School, Andallur Senior Basic School, Padannakkara Basic U.P.School, Vadakkumbad North Junior Basic School, P.C.Guruvilasam Basic U.P.School, Holy Angels English Medium L.P.School, Unique English Medium L.P.School, Vidya Nikethan English Medium L.P.School, Pinarayi West Basic U P School, Leagal Study Center, Jassy’s Special School, Palayad Diet.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Syndicate Bank Dharmadam, North Malabar Gramin Bank Pinarayi, Dharmadam Service Coop Bank Main Branch Chirakuni, Pinarayi Service Co.op Bank Head Office, Statr Bank of Travancore Pinarayi, Vadakkumbad Service Co.op Bank Vadakkumbad, Thalassery Co.op Rurual bank Chirakuni.

Important Temples

Andallur Temple, Chirakkakkave Bhagavathi Temple, Melur siva Temple, Dharmadam Sathram Ganesan Kavu,

Important Mosques

Darussalam Masjid Dharmadam, Parapram Juma Masjid, AmukkaPalli.

Important Churches

Immanuel Consumption Church Dharmadam, Gundert Memmorial CSI Church

Bus stand/ Railway Stations

Dharmadam Railway Station

Rivers and Main Cultivation

Anjarakandy River

Main Projects through the Police Station

Dharmadam Police Station is Janamaithri Police Station

Important Tourist Places.

Dharmadam Thuruth

Important Festivals

Andalore Temple Festival, Chirakkakavu Temple, Amooka Pally Oroos, Parapram Makam Oroos