Edakkad Police Station

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Prior to the opening of the Police station , an Out Post was functioning at Edakkad. The Out post was converted into station on 01.05.1958 as per GO No.473/Home – A dtd. 22.04.58 . The station was shifted to this newly constructed building at Muzhappilangad amsom, desom on30.11.74 as per GO RT No. 840/74/Home Dtd. 27.05.1974 .

Jurisdiction details

Jurisdiction of Edakkad PS are mainly in five villages namely , Muzhappilangad , Edakkad , Kadamboor , Mavilayi and Chembilode fall within the limits of Edakkad Police Station . : Five villages namely , Muzhappilangad , Edakkad , Kadamboor , Mavilayi and Chembilode fall within the limits of Edakkad Police Station .

Government Institutions

Poly Technic Tottada, Industrial Training Institute Thottada, Women ITI Kannur Thottada, Junior Technical school Thottaada, Indian Institute of Handloom Technology, Block Devpt.Office Kuttikkakam, Veterinary Hospital Edakkad, Telephone Exchange Muzhappilangad, Primary Health Center Muzhappilangad, Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital Muzhappilangad, Primary Health Center Mavilayi, Sub Registrar Office Kadachira, Govt. Rural Dispensary Kadachira, Electricity Office Kadachira, Primary Health Center Kadachira, Agricultural Office Kadachira, Primary Health center Chala, Block Panchayat Office Chembilode,

Banks And Financial Institutions

1. Edakkadappan Service Co Op.Bank , Nadal 2. Edakkadappan Service Co Op.Bank- Thottada Branch 3. Chovva Co Op.Rural Bank – Thottada Branch 4. Chovva Co Op.Rural Bank – Edakkad Branch 5. Chovva Co Op.Rural Bank – Adoor Branch 6. Chovva Co Op.Rural Bank – Kadachira Branch 7. Kararinakam Service Co Op Bank – Thottada Branch 8. Kararinakam Service Co Op Bank – Thottada Enening Branch 9. Koyyode Service Co Op Bank – Evening and Day Branch ,Chala 10. Koyyodu Service Co Op.Bank – Thannada 11. Mavilayi Service Co Op. Bank – Moonuperiya Branch 12. Mavilayi Service Co Op. Bank – Poduvachery Branch 13. Mavilayi Service Co Op. Bank – Moonnampaalam Branch 14. Kadamboor Service Co Op. Bank – Edakkad 15. Muzhappilangad Service Co Op.Bank- Muzhappilangad 16. Edakkad Panchayath Vanitha Sahakarana Sangham – Kuttikkakam 17. North Malabar Gramin Bank – Chala Branch 18. Mouvanchery Co Op. Bank – Chala Branch 19. Chovva Co Op. Bank – Muzhappilangad Branch 20. Kuttikkakam Service Co Op.Bank 21. State Bank Of Travancore – Thottada Branch 22. Chala service Co Op. Bank- Chala 23. Chala service Co Op. Bank- Evening Branch -Chala 24. Thottada Vanitha Sahakarana Sangam – Chala 25. Kadachira Service CoOp. Bank- Panonnery 26. Edakkad Urban Sahakarana Sangam 27. Mouvanchery Service Coop.Bank – Thrikkapalam Branch 28. Kannur District Co Op.Bank – Edakkad Branch 29. Vijaya Bank – Edakkad amsom 30. North Malabar Gramin Bank- Edakkad Branch 31. Canara Bank- Muzhappilangad Branch 32. Muzhappilangad Service Co Op.Bank- Koodakkadavu 33. Muzhappilangad Service Co Op.Bank- Evening Branch - Koodakkadavu

Educational Institutions

1. Oorppazhassi Kavu UP School ,Edakkad 2. Kizhunna South UP School 3. Aattadappa South LP School 4. Chirakkuthazhe LP School 5. Chala Padinjarekkara LP School 6. Chala Devi Vilasam LP School 7. Edakkad LP School 8. Kizhunna LPSchool 9. Kizhunna Central LP School 10. Kuttikkakam LPSchool 11. Kuttikkakam South LP School 12. Kuttikkakam North LPSchool 13. Keezhara Mappila LPSchool 14. Mounathul Islam LP School 15. Thottada North LP School 16. Thottada West Govt. High School 17. Kadamboor Devi Vilasam LP School 18. Adoor Central LP School 19. Adoor East LP School 20. Adoor West LP School 21. Kottur Mappila LP School 22. Kadachira LP School 23. Oorikkara LP School 24. Kadachira Secondary High School 25. Kadamboor South UP School 26. Kadamboor North UP School 27. Kadamboor High School 28. Kadamboor UP School 29. Muzhappilangad High School 30. Muzhappilangad South UP School 31. Muzhappilangad East UP School 32. Muzhappilangad West UP School 33. Muzhappilangad LP School 34. Muzhappilangad West LP School 35. Mammakkunnu Mappila LP School 36. Mavilayi UP School 37. Cherumavilayi UP School 38. Mavilayi LP School 39. Mavilayi South LP School 40. Mavilayi North LP School 41. Mavilayi Central LP School 42. Udungot Achuthavilasam LP School 43. Poduvachery Ramavilasam LP School 44. Poduvachery Central LP School 45. Chembilod Govt.High School ,Chala 46. Koyyod Madrass UP School 47. Thannada Central UP School 48. Chala East LP School 49. Vellu Illam LP School 50. Chembilode Central LP School

Important Temples, Mosques & Churches

1.Chala Church 2.Manappuram Palli 3. Kanhangad Palli 4. Edakkad Juma Masjid 5.Muzhappilangad Juma Masjid 6. Oorppazhassi Temple 7. Thrikkapalam Siva Temple 8. Panonnery Temple 9. Chala Bhagavathy Temple 10. Muzhappilangad Sree Koormba Temple

Tourism Importance

Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach

Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach is a beach in the state of Kerala in southwestern India. It is located parallel to National Highway 66(formerly National Highway 17) between Thalassery and Kannur. This beach is the longest Drive-In Beach in India and is featured among the top 6 best beaches for driving in the world in BBC article for Autos.Even though Goa has many beautiful beaches, it does not have a Drive-in beach. The beach festival is celebrated in the month of April and it is one of the important tourist attraction in the district of Kannur in Kerala. The youth also try many driving stunts in cars like drifting and wheeling in bikes as this is a paradise for driving along the shore. Just 100m from this beach you would find a private island Dharmadam island, which can be reached by walk at times of low tide.

Bus Stand/Railway stations

No bus stand lies within Edakkad PS limts. Edakkad Railway station comes under the limits of Edakkad PS

SC/ST Colonies

Thekke Kunnumbram SC Colony, Chalakkunnu SC Colony

Important Festivals

Thoniyottu Kaavu Uthsavam And Sree Koormbakkavu Uthsavam

Main Projects through the PS


Janamaithry Policing was introduced at Edakkad Police Station during the year 2011 . Janamaithry system was now functioning only in Muzhappilangad Panchayath ,which contains 4 beats . Each beat was entrusted to 1 Beat Officer and 1 Asst.Beat Officer . They visits all houses of their beats regularly , communicate with people and collect intelligence .

Student Police Cadet

Student Police Cadet was functioning at Thottada Higher Secondary School .