Iritty Police Station


Jurisdiction Boundary of Iritty Police

The present Police Station building is functioning in govt. building. This station was originally an out post attached to Mattanur Police Station and it was upgraded to a charging police station from 10.05.1948 as per D O No.510148 during the Communist Rebellion. Again it was downgraded to an Out Post. Later with effect from 11.11.1952 it was upgraded to a charging station as per G. O. M.S 778 Dtd. 07.03.1953, DO no. 510-153 Dtd.07.04.1953 of the Supdt. of Police, Malabar, Calicut.

The police station was shifted to the present building on 16.06.1974(building No. VI / 210). Area of station compound is 1.06 acre. Police quarters including 1 SI quarter, 2HC quarter and 10 PC quarter.

Jurisdiction details

This Police Station comprises of 6 villages, viz Keezhur, Payam, Vilamana,Ayyankkunnu, Muzhakunnu and Thillenkery and has a total area of 128.78 Sq.Kms.(49.72 Sq. miles)

Border Police station

Uliyil-Mattannur Police Station ,kallery mala-PeravoorPS,Edoor-Aralam PS,Peratta-ulikal PS

Government Institutions

a)Thaluk office started on 09.02.2014. b)Fire station, c)excise office, d)Panchayath Offices-Keezhur –Chavassery,Thillenkery,payam,muzhakkunnu, e)Village Officess-Punnad,Thillankery,Muzhakkunnu,Payam,vilamana. f)Sub.Treassury-Iritty, g)Register office –Iritty. h)Forest check post and Office-Kiliyanthara,Iritty, i)Exise check Post Kiliyanthara.


Gov.Thaluk hospital

Educational Institutions


MG college Iritty,IHRD college-Kunnoth,Gov.ITI –Kakkayangad.


Gov.HS Pala,Higher secondary School Iritty,Kiliyanthara HS-Kiliyanthara,Kunnoth HS –Kunnoth,Kavumpady HS,Perinkary HS.

Banks and Financial institutions

a)State Bank of India-Iritty,b)State bank of Travankoor-Iritty,Punnad,Peratta,C)NMG Bank Iritty, Thillankery,kakkayangad, D)Fedaral Bank-Iritty,Vallithode, E) Union Bank Iritty,E)PNB Iritty,F) Syndicate Bank Iritty,G) Canara Bank Iritty,H)ICICI Bank Iritty,I)KSFE IIritty,J) Co-Op bank Iritty,Keezhur,Punnad,Vallithode,Kiliyanthara,Kunnoth,Kakkayangad,Thillenkery.

Important Temples and Festivals

Keezhur Mahadeva Temple Kirathi, Kairathi Temple-Iritty,Mridanga Shylessery Temple ,Edavoor Shiva Temple.

Important Mosques


Important Churches


Main Projects through the PS

Janamythri system introduced in iritty Police Station on 01.03.2014 as per Order No.3424/2012/home.

Student police Cadet Program introduced in Kavumpadi Higher secondary School.