Panoor Police Station


Jurisdiction Boundary of Panoor Police

Panoor Police Station was Opened before 1889

Jurisdiction Details

Police station is comprised with 4 Panchayaths and sharing boundary with Kolavallur, Kannavam, Kadirur, Chokli and Pallur PS

Government Institutions

1) Community Health, Centre, Panoor 2) AEO Office, Panoor 3) Sub Treassury, Panoor 4) KSEB Sub station, Kaivelikkal


Community Health, Centre, Panoor

Educational Institutions

1) Rajeev Gandhi Memorial Higher Secondary School, Mokeri 2) PRM HSS , Panoor 3) KKVM HSS, Panoor 4) Chothavoor HSS, Champad

Banks and Financial Institutions

1)SBT,Panoor, 2) Syndicate Bank, Panoor 3) Canara Bank, Panoor 4) Federal Bank, Panoor 5) Kannur District co-operative Bank, Panoor Branch

Important Temples Mosques and Churches

1) Muthappan Madappuura, Puthur 2) Ambidattu Madappura, Chendayad 3) Panoor Juma Masjid

Important Festivals

Ambidattu Madappura Festival