Sreekandapuram Police Station


Jurisdiction Boundary of Sreekandapuram Police

The name Sreekandapuram derived from the ancient Kolathiri Ruler Sreekandan and his capital was named after him as Sreekandapuram. The town is situated in the banks of Sreekandapuram river, the tributary of Valapattanam river. Migration of people from Travancore populated the distant village which is 40 Kilo metre from the nearest town, Kannur. The population consists of Hindus, Christian and muslim communities and all are living harmoniously . No political issues are prevalent in the station limits and all major parties have their own pockets. Major portion of the land has cultivation of agricultural crops such as Rubber, Coconut, Arca nut, rice, etc.

As per G.O. Rt.No.221/78/Home Dtd 31.01.1978 Sreekandapuram Police Station started functioning in a rented building No. S.P. 8-37 of Sreekandapuram Village owned by Smt. Seerakath Mariyumma and 1 out post at Chemberi, Eruvessy Village. The police station shifted to newly constructed Govt. building on 18.12.1989 and having the land area of 3 Acres and 30 cents. Then constructed a family quarters on 08.06.2003 for 12 families at the station compound.

Sreekandapuram Police Station building is situated near the State Highway, Thaliparamba to Iritty and having a distance of 20 kilometres each from Thaliparamba and Iritty.

Revenue Jurisdiction lies before the Sub Divisional Magistrate Court, Thalassery and Magisterial jurisdiction lies before the Judicial First Class Magistrate Court, Thaliparamba.

Jurisdiction Details And Station Boundaries

4 villages – Sreekandapuram,Nidiyenga,Chengalayi,Chuzhali, 2 Panchayath – Sreekandapuram and Chengalayi


a) Sreekandapuram, Kotoor, Ellarinhi, Kanhileri, Kaithpram, Vayakkara, THrikkadumba, Cherikkode (Sreekandapuram Village) b) Chengalayi, Parippayi, Valakkai, Koyyam, THerthala, Thavarool, THeralayi, Parakkadi, Perungonnu, Perinthalery (Chengalayi Village) c) Chuzhali, Neduvalur, Kolathur (Chuzhali Village) d) Nediyenga, Kavumbayi, CHepparamba (Nediyenga Village)

Government Institutions

Telephone Exchange-Sreekandapuram ,110 KV Substation Sreekandapuram, Sub Treasury-Sreekandapuram, Sub Registrar Office Sreekandapuram, Post Office Sreekandapuram

Educational Institutions

S E S College-Sreekandapuram, P K M B Ed. Centre Madambam, Govt.UPS-Nediyenga, Sree Narayan Vilasam ALP School-Chepparamba, St.George High School-Chembanthotty, Cherupushpam UP School-Chgembanthotty, Govt.UP School Karayathumchal, Govt.H S S Chuzhali, BTM ALP School Chuzhali, East L P School Chuzhali, Govt.H S Koyyam, ALP School Koyyam, ALP School Parakkadi, AUP School, Perinthaleri ALP School Thavarool MALP School, Valakkai AUP School. Niduvalur MALP School Chengalayi AUP School Chengalayi Govt.UP School Vayakkara, ALP School Kanhileri, Govt.HSS Sreekandapuram, Govt.H S Sreekandapuram, Sal Sabeel Public School Sreekandapuram, Chinmaya Vidyalayam Sreekandapuram, Govt.LP School Parippayi, AUP School Theralayi, St.Thomas ALP School Kottoorvayal, AUP School Kottoor, Maryland HS Madambam, Marygiri HSS Koottumugham, Govt.ALP School Ellarinhi, Govt.HSS Nedumgome, Mappila ALP School Sreekandapuram, Public School Sreekandapuram, Govt.LP School Kavumbayi, Govt.UP School Pazhayangadi, ITC Kottoor, Little Flower School Kottoor, ALP School Kolathoor,

Banks and Financial Institutions

Federal Bank-SKPM, Syndicate Bank-SKPM, SBT-SKPM, Union Bank-SKPM,North Malabar Grameen Bank-SKPM, KSFE- SKPM ,Dist.Co-op Bank branch SKPM, Chnegalayi Co.op Bank, Nidiyenga Service co.op Bank SKPM, Koottumugham Co.op Bank ,Kayyam Co.op bank -Valakkai

Important Temples

Chuzhali Bhagavathi temple, Kottoor Mahavishu Temple,

Important Churches

Infant Jesus Church Sreekandapuram, Madambam Church, St.Thomas Church Kottoor, Pazyayangadi Makham.

Important Mosques

Sreekandapuram Town Mosque, Chengalayi Town Mosque

Rivers and Streams

Sreekandapuram River – Tributary to Valapattanam River

Main Projects through the Police Station

Janamaithri Community Police Project is functioning at Sreekandapuram Police Station having 5 Janamaithri beats.

Student Police Cadets –Functioning at Sreekandapuram Govt.Higher Secondary School .

School protection groups :- Formed and functioning SPG at major 10 schools and 1 college.