Thalasseri Coastal Police Station


Govt. of Kerala decided to start one Coastal Police Station at Thalassery , Kannur district in building no. PMC 41/244 ( Old No. 41/291) at Chalil Gopalapetta ,Thiruvangad village , Thalassery Taluk , Kannur Dist, With local area of jurisdiction extending up to 12 nautical miles ( Territorial waters ) off the coast of Kannur revenue district , beginning from the jurisdiction area of Kannur city Police station to the southern border of Kannur revenue district by re defining the local area of jurisdiction of Coastal area of Azheekkal Coastal Police Station vide notification GO(Rt) No.2373/2013 Home , Thiruvananthapuram ,Dt.27.08.2013. As per GO(Rt) No.3013/2016 Home, Thiruvananthapuram, Dt.01.10.2016 , SRO No.640/2016 partially modified previous notification and declared the building no. TM 132/215 A of Thalassery Municipality ( New No. 38/215 A ) in RS No.12/01 of Thiruvangad village of Thalassery Taluk as Coastal Police Station Thalassery.

Jurisdiction Details

Jurisdiction of Coastal police station extending up to Twelve Nautical Miles (Territorial Waters) from the beginning area of Kannur City Police Station (Kannur Light House) to southern boarder of Kannur revenue district (Mahe Bridge) of Kannur Revenue District.

Border Police Stations

New Mahe PS, Thalassery PS, Dharmadam PS, Edakkad PS and Kannur City PS