Valapattanam Police Station


Jurisdiction Boundary of Valapattanam Police

According to available information Valapattanam Police station was existance during the year 1905 at Valapattanam village in RS 39/2 1.67 Acre and RS 39/1 0.05 cents total Landed property 1.72 Acres. under Kannur Circle when the station opening total strength allotted to the station was 1- SI, 2-HCs, and 16 PCs Now the Police Station Under Valapattanam Circle and the Sanctioned Srength is 3- SI, 2- ASI, 11- HCs, 33-PCs and 5- WCPOs Up to 19.12.2010 there are 11 Villages, Named Pappinisseri, Valapattanam,Azheekode south, Azheekode North, Chirakkal Mayyil, Kayaralam, Kolachery, Cheleri, Narath, Kannadiparamba are included in the Valapattanam PS. As per Government order No. GO(Rt) No. 3777/10/Home dtd 18.12.10 Mayyil Police station formed, when 6 Villages Named Narath,Kannadiparamba Kolachery Cheleri, Mayyil, Kayaralam were deleted from the Jurisdiction of Valapattanam PS.

Jurisdiction Details

Valapattanam, Pappinisseri, Chirakkal, Azheekode South and Azheekode north villages are under Valapattanam PS limit

Border Police Stations

The border police stations of Valapattanam Police station are Kannur Town,Mayyil,Kannapuram and Thaliparamba PS

Government Institutions

1 Asistatn Educational Office Pappinissery 2 Assistant Engineers Office ( ESP) Valapattanam 3 Assistant Engineers Officer (PWD) Valapattanam 4 Excise Range Office Pappinissery 5 Assistant Engineers Office Irrigation) Kattampally 6 Port Office Azhikkal 7 Asst. Engineers Office (B&R) Valapattanam 8 Assistant Engikneers (KSEB) Pappinissery. 9 Assistant Engineer PWD ( Marine Division) Azhikkode 10 Focular Academy 11 Fisharies Office Azhikkode.

Important Colleges & Schools

1 Rajas High School Chirakkal 2 Azheekode High School Vankulathuvayal 3 Government High School Meenkunnu 4 Govt: Fisheries HS Azheekal 5 Govt: HS Valapattanam 6 Govt: HS Pappinikssery 7 Govt: HS Aroli.

Important Banks and Financial Institutions

1 Pappinisseri Service Co-Op Bank 2 Indian Bank 3 SBT Pappinissery 4 Indian Bank Valapattanam Manna 5 I O B Valapattanam 6 Service Co-Op Bank Valapattanam 7 Federal Bank Valapattanam 8 Chirakkal Service Co-Op Bank, Puthiyatheru 9 Syndicate bank Chirakkal 10 Gramin Bank Chirakkal 11 Dhanalakshmi Bank Kattampally road 12 SBt Puthiyatheru 13 Service Co-Op Bank Azheekode

Important Temples Mosques and Churches

1 Chirakkal Kadalayi Sreekrishna Temple 2 Kalarivathukkal Bhagavathi Temple 3 Pappinisseri Moonnunpettumma Temple

Important Festivals

1 Kadalayi Sree Krishna Temple Temple Festivel - January Last Week 2 Kalarivathukkal Temple Perumkaliyattom Festivel - June 3 Kattileppally Makham Uroos - February

Rivers & Main Cultivation

Valapattanam River and Kattampally River

Tourism importance

Azheekode meenkunnu Chal Beach And Chirakkal Foculor Academy

Various Projects through the Police Station

Janamaithri Project Functiooning from 2013 in Valapattanam Panchayath area.

Students Police Cadet project - Pappinissery HS