Armed Reserve Unit

The earst-while Malabar district was formed in 1824 and Cannanore district was part of the Malabar District. Regular Police was not in existence and the law and order was maintained with the help of a Motley crowd of Kolkars and an Armed Reserve by name Nair Silbandi Corps. They had their Reserve Camp in different parts of Malabar districts and one contingent of Armed Reserve at Cannanore was part of the Military corps Camp. After the Communal riots of Mattannur in 1852, the Police strength in Cannanore was increased. After the communal riots of 1884, Malappuram Special Police was formed and after the major Mappila Rebellion in 1921 Malabar Special Police was formed under Commandant Albert Hitch Cock. MSP was the Armed Battalion for Malabar and Armed Police detachments were existent in different parts of Malabar, including Cannanore.

The oldest visiting remarks available in the Camp is by Sri. V. Subbarayan. I.P.S, D.I.G of Police in 1948 dtd. 18.01.1948. AR was not formed at that time and the Parade was presented by Sergeant Major Higgins who presented 2 sergeants and 85 NCOs. Accommodation was available for 90 men in 5 blocks. There was 3 Trucks and 1 Jeep in AR Camp. This shows that the AR had military Police at that time. The D.I.G, Western Range, Ootacamond, who conducted inspection on 02.12.1949 names his inspection remarks as Armed Reserve Camp, Cannanore. Accommodation was increased to 55 Family Quarters and 32 Huts in which 116 NCOs were huddled. The Camp had strength of 2 Jamendars, 7 HCs and 75 PCs arranged for Parade. After the formation of Kerala State in November 1st 1956, the1st I.G.P of Kerala Sri. Chandrasekharan Nair visited the AR Camp on 18th February 1957.

When Kerala was formed, the AR Camp came under the Northern Range, Calicut and the 1st inspection of D.I.G, NR was conducted by Sri. M. Gopalan, I.P.S on 07.11.1960. The old pattern was changed and post of RI was formed. Sanctioned strength of the Reserve was 1 RI, 3 RSIs, 3 Jemandars, 15 HCs and 186 other Ranks. The Reserve was organized in to 3 active Platoons and 1 HQ Wing. The vehicle position was 6 Vans, 5 Jeeps, 1 Land Rover, 1 Station Wagon and 1 Motor Cycle. On 20.11.1970, the 1st inspection by S. P, Cannanore took place and Sri. Chandrasekharan Nair, S.P, Cannanore reports that this Armed Reserve was not inspected by any SP so far. The sanctioned strength of AR Camp he gives that, 1 AC, 1 RI, 4 RSIs, 8 ASIs, 26 HCs, 24 NKs, 390 PCs (including women Police), 35 Drivers, 4 Dhobys, 4 Barbers , 4 Cooks, 1 Mechanic, 1Carpenter, 1 Electrician and 1 Painter. The District AR was brought under thecharge of AC w.e.f 01.08.1970 consequent on the formation of the 4th company. SP reports in 1976 that water is being carried from Cannanore to Mangattuparamba in Lorries. Later, Mangattuparamba was converted as Head Quarters of KAP IV Bn and AR Camp was confined to Cannanore alone. As per G.O (Rt) 435/95/Home Dtd. 02.03.95, 3 more posts of ACs and 1 post of Deputy Commandant was allotted to District AR, Kannur.