Dog Squad

Use of Dogs in Police Work

Dogs, best friend of Humans, are known globally for their faithfulness, intelligence, ferocity, Obedience and sniffing ability. Dogs have been an integral part of the army, police forces and law enforcement agencies. Be it detection of explosives, narcotic, tracking or search and rescue, they have always been handy. They also play an active role in curbing and detecting crimes, dealing with risk arising from natural calamities like earthquake, land slide, avalanche and collapsed buildings. Dogs have been the first choice of all the police forces due to certain extra ordinary qualities they possess. In sniffing ability of a dog is approx. 100 times superior to human. Dogs could be used for missing persons and for patrolling explosives and narcotic detection and VIP and VVIP security.

In Kannur District dog squad formed in 1989 March with One Tracker Dog Rupa and 3 Handlers, trained at PTC under BSF trainers. At present Kannur Dog Squad is functioning under DCRB Kannur, in charge of One ASI trained from PTC. Total Strength of 9 Dogs including 5 explosive detection dogs, 3 trackers and One puppy. Handlers are trained from BSF and SDTS (State Dog Training School) KEPPA Thrissur. The Dogs Squad is an inevitable part of police duty in Kannur District, various situations like L/O, Raid Duty, Theft and Murder cases.