Narcotic Cell

History of Narcotic Cell in Kannur Police

Kannur This office started functioning on joining Sri, George M George as deputy Supdt. of Police, Narcotic Cell, Kannur on 01.04.1996. The post of Deputy Supdt. of Police, Narcotic Cell, Kannur was sanctioned as per GO (MS) 351/95/Home dated 07.11.1995.

Functioning of Narcotic Cell

For the functioning of Narcotic Cell in this District as action plan by Sri. George Vargese, DySP and was got approved the same by Supdt. of Police, Kannur Vide No. 250/Camp/01/C Dated: 13.11.2001. A circular No. 26/2001 was given to all officers of this district in this regard. The aim of the plan is to prevent and detect Narcotic offences to monitor Narcotic cases till the trial is over and to check the movements of Narcotic criminals and their activities. Sri. V.N. Viswanathan, Deputy Supdt. of Police is holding charge of Narcotic Cell, Kannur since 10.11.2014.

Office of the Deputy Supdt. of Police, Narcotic Cell, Kannur is functioning in the District Police Complex, AR Camp, Kannur from 10.11.2014 to till date.