Kannur Sub Division

Jurisdictional Map of Kannur Sub Division

Kannur sub division was formed as per GO(Rt.)928/70 Home dated 27 05 1970.In the rest while Kannur sub District, there are 3 Sub divisions viz., Kannur, Kasaragod and Thalasseri which included the police stations of Kasaragod and Wynad districts. Consequent to the formation of Wynad and Kasaragod district, the Police Stations and Circles of Wynad and Kasaragod separated from Kannur District and the Police stations viz., Kannur Town, Valapattanam, Edakkad, Taliparamba, Alakkode, Sreekantapuram, Irikkur and Ulikkal were under Kannur sub division. There after several Police Stations and Circle offices were formed. New Sub Divisions of Taliparamba and Panoor were also started functioning. Subsequently Panoor Sub division was shifted and renamed as Iritty Sub division and the Police Stations under Iritty Circle are also included in Iritty Sub division

Now Kannur Sub divisions has three Circles viz., Kannur Town,Kannur city and Valapattanam consisting of Kannur Town, Kannur Traffic, Kannur City, Edakkad, Chakkarakal, Valapattanam, Kannapuram and Mayyil Police Stations.Control room Kannur also comes under Kannur Sub Division. Besides the above Coastal Police Station Azheekal is also functioning in Sub divisional Jurisdiction.

Circles and Police Stations in Kannur Sub Division

  • Kannur Sub Division
    • Kannur Town Circle
      • Kannur Town PS
      • Kannur Traffic PS
    • Kannur City Circle
      • Kannur City PS
      • Edakkad PS
      • Chakkarakkal PS
    • Valapattanam Circle
      • Valapattanam PS
      • Kannapuram PS
      • Mayyil PS